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As this blog is to share a part of my life i.e. food, this page is to share other parts of my life i.e. travel, thoughts and a lot more.. You would get to know soon..  Obviously travel involves food as well.. This page will take you through a journey, a thought, a song, a painting, a poem.. who knows! You can ask me about a particular place, food or my experience in specific. Food may have various origins like restaurants, my attempts or from the kitchens of my family and friends who were kind enough to share it with me.

Well, Its about life!

Roadtrip/Aug'13 - Bangalore to Sakleshpur

I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep....

Interesting Paintings on the wall of a cafe @ Pondicherry 

            कला जीवन में सुंदरता भर देती है .. (Art fills our life with beauty.. )

Munnar - hill station, the perfect honeymoon destination and motherland of tea estates

I went alone there ;) Someday I shall write about woman travelling alone in India. Interesting experience ..

Kerala Fish Curry - Munnar

Don't go on the photo taken by a shaky phone and an empty stomach waiting to devour this meal. 
It was AMAZING. :)

Backwaters, Alleppey, Kerala

I just felt like posting this.. It gives me peace..

Backwaters, Alleppey, Kerala

Beautiful and serene :)

Backwaters, Alleppey, Kerala

ओ माझी रे ओ माझी रे 
अपना किनारा 
नदिया कि धारा है 
ओ माझी रे 
(lines of a famous hindi song which means " Oh Boatman Oh boatman, our shore is the flowing stream of river, Oh boatman")

Verkala, Kerala

Squid Curry and Kerala Parotta. My all time favorite :)

Banana Stall, Kerala

Well its actually Juju juice stall.. ;) Kerala has got bananas in all colors .. red, yellow, green.

My first attempts at Lasagnia with home made lasagnia sheets

हर कार्य कि एक पहली बार होती है :) (There is a first time to everything you do)

This is how the lasagnia looked like

FYI: The yellow on the plate is not oil.. its just design on the plate.. :-P tasted delicious

Amazingly beautiful saba@ chinatown, Singapore

It glittered and was gold.. :)

Figs, Rocket, Walnut Extra Thin Figs Pizza @ Singapore 

The pizza was amazing.. super thin, perfectly glazed figs.. But I have concluded I don't like the mixed taste of sweet and savory..

Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

You go to Delhi and the first place you go to is Chaat Shop. Period.

Nizams @ Delhi

One of the oldest and most famous shops for Kebabs in Delhi

Panchmukhi wali chat @ Muzaffarnagar

This is the chatwala shop I have been going to since I think I started crawling.. lol.. Love the chat there.. 

A lot more to come.. A lot more to share.. :)

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  1. Your blog is an inspiration for me to start my own portal of the Indian cuisine experimental recipes and some traditional ones too.... Thanks